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Welcome to Mkonto Manufacturing cc and Craig Klintworth Gunmaker’s home page. Our goal is excellence and our aim is to build the best as  "life is to short too shoot ugly guns"!  


What do we do?

Custom centre-fire rifles in most modern calibres from .22 to 4br

Custom in-line muzzleloaders in .32, .36, .451, .50, .72, 10br, 8br and 4br

Custom flint lock muzzleloaders in .32, .36, .451, .50, .72, 10br, 8br and 4br

Custom percussion lock muzzleloaders in .32, .36, .451, .50, .72, 10br, 8br and 4 br

Cane guns with a percussion lock in .31 for shot and ball 

Cut and button rifled barrels 

New firearms

Used firearms

Shooting accessories



Stock bending

General Gunsmithing

Rust blueing

Hot blueing

Colour case hardening

Nickel plating

Gold plating

Firearm deactivations

Firearm storage

Silencers for air rifles

Silencer for .22 LR,

Silencers for centre-fire rifles and hand machine carbines




We offer a limited lifetime warranty, to the original purchaser, on all our new firearms and a limited 12 month warranty on all other products and services of our manufacture.






  104 Main Reef Rd, Benrose, South Africa.
Tel: +2711 618 1908
Mobile: 083 447 6548